What to do with your own hands:

In today's world, fewer people think about what to give to a particular person. Of course, today you can buy almost everything or present money. But we recommend that you do not forget that you can make a really good gift with your own hands. After all, any thing made with love is much more valuable and more expensive than a store presentation.


Chocolate Postcard

A chocolate girl is a handmade card in which there is a place where you can put a bar of chocolate or other souvenir, for example, money. You can give it to any holiday. In order to make a New Year's chocolate bar with your own hands you will need: Kraft cardboard 30 * 30; PVA glue; scrap paper; decorative elements; pencil; scissors; ruler; hole puncher; tape. The size of the chocolate bar directly depends on the size of the chocolate bar. By measuring it, you can begin to work. On the cardboard, draw the dimensions of the future postcard. In our case: height - 21 cm, width - 10 cm + 10 cm, gluing place - 1.5 cm (see photo 2). Cut the workpiece, and along the fold lines run a jogging, and bend gently.Glue the resulting card, and try putting chocolate there. It should fit freely inside.Now you can start decorating. To do this, use 2 paper cuts, flowers, a chipboard and a die cut. In this process, you can show your creativity and use any decorative elements.

Box with sweets

Making such a gift with your own hands is very simple. This will require only the original box and sweets. Filling the box, choose any. The assembly will not take much time: sweets must be beautifully folded into a box, if desired, it can be decorated. To do this, tie it with tape or leave a small wish on the box lid.


The handmade gift card will become an original addition to the gift. She can also be the main one, for example, to congratulate colleagues at work or many acquaintances. Making a postcard is a fascinating process, because you can show all your creative potential in it, and the variety of techniques and materials allows you to make the most different. Before starting work, you should decide on the theme of the holiday, choose an idea and select materials. Everything you need can be found in the needlework store. For example, to congratulate all Valentine's Day, you can make such a card.
 To make it, you will need: a blank card with an envelope made of thick white cardboard; sheets of scrap paper of various colors; figured hole punch; scissors; white thread; glue; needle.Cut the required amount with a puncher, based on the assumption that each heart will need two hearts..If you do not have a hole punch, then prepare a heart template and cut with it. Place the prepared elements in two pieces of the same color on the front side of the postcard, fix with glue. This must be done so that during the sewing process they remain in place.To make it, you will need: a blank card with an envelope made of thick white cardboard; sheets of scrap paper On a typewriter, sew with a white thread in the middle, without going beyond the boundaries of the hearts. Then sew a few stitches with the back seam.
You can sew hearts on hands. In this case, try to do this as carefully as possible so that the “pitch” of the stitch is the same. Cut excess thread with scissors. Bend the sewn hearts along the line.


Tasty gift for men

You can prepare such an original gift for men on February 23rd and for their birthday. The composition should be selected based on the preferences of the person for whom it is intended. So, for filling, you can choose: alcoholic or carbonated drinks, coffee, tea, chocolates, meat products, vegetables and other edible products.Also put some useful things in your present: diaries, pens, or items of clothing. To make such a souvenir you will need: a wooden box; edible filling; cigarette paper; filler. As the latter, you can choose sisal fiber or tissue paper. Design does not take much time: put filler on the bottom of the boxes and carefully place the edible products.

Bouquet of sweets

A sweet gift can be made in the form of a bouquet. You can give it to your family or work colleague. He will enjoy his appearance and will be a delicious addition to tea drinking. The undoubted advantage of such compositions is that they do not require additional care. And after you get all the sweets from them, you can leave the bouquet as an interior decoration.All the necessary materials can be found in needlework stores. For work you will need: corrugated paper - 2 rolls of 2 different colors; candies; basket; wooden skewers - packaging; scissors; a thread; glue gun; glue sticks; green tape; organza - cut 70 * 70 cm; sisal fiber; stationery knife; decor; floristic sponge or oasis.When choosing sweets, pay attention to their shape. It is better to choose a rounded shape, they will be convenient in operation and easily removed from the finished flowers. Choose the amount based on the size of the basket. Having solved all organizational issues, you can begin to work. First, prepare the material for the buds. Cut the paper into strips about 5-6 cm long, and then cut into rectangles. In one strip should get about 6 pieces. From paper of green color, cut rectangles with the same dimensions. Only sepals need to be cut out of them (see photo 6). Twist the ends slightly with a skewer. This will make the bud look more like a living one. Then, at each rectangle intended for flowers, round off the edges. Stretch the resulting workpieces from the center. Before you put in the candy, squeeze one “tail” so that it is not visible from the bud. This action will not affect the ability to safely remove the candy from the flower. Put the prepared candy in the paper and twist it so that it is not visible, and the shape looks like a real rosebud. Now, use a thread to tie the bottom to secure the candy. Further work will require a glue gun. It works from the network, so do everything carefully to avoid burns. We continue to create Let's start assembling the flower. Wrap the sepals around the bud and secure with thread. Glue the skewer to the base of the bud with a glue gun, before this cut off the excess paper. Use tape to close the joint and the skewer. The peculiarity of the tape tape is that by slightly stretching it, it becomes plastic and with its help you can give a neat appearance. In order to tear off a piece of tape it is not necessary to use scissors, it is enough to sharply stretch it. So do with all the colors. And while they can be postponed. First, make the Organza buds cut into 5 * 5 cm squares. Roll up, glue to the skewer, and wrap with tape (see photo 13,14,15). Using organza, you can close the spaces between the flowers so that the bouquet does not look “empty”. Getting to the assembly of the composition. From the sponge you need to cut out the base of the bouquet, which is the same size as the basket. Lay sisal on top. Carefully insert the finished flowers and skewers with organza into the sponge. Adjust the height of the skewer based on its location, shorten, if necessary, with pliers. Try to place everything very tightly. Assemble a basket of “flowers”. Finished work can be decorated with pearls and other decorative elements, for example: artificial greens, ribbons or rhinestones. Corrugated paper is a unique material. From it you can make completely different compositions. Show your imagination, and you will get a unique and delicious handmade gift.


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